Listen, watch, and read with discretion. It’s in your best interests.

Image by Gerd Altmann

Unless you enjoy life as a whipping post — or if you’re method acting to fully understand Stockholm Syndrome

Photo by Gerd Altmann

Accept the pay you think you deserve.

Here’s what you should watch next, and what fuels our morbid curiosity.

Following recent years as a fugitive from the Chinese government, SPI Energy CEO and most-wanted list alumnus Mr. Xiaofeng Peng is making his grand return.

Mr. Xiaofeng Peng

Liars, Titans, and Bailouts — oh my! How the pandemic has created an invisible playing field shared only by those with a duplicitous glimmer in their eye.


Is Trevor Milton the next Elizabeth Holmes? Well, what the two irrefutably have in common is a wild imagination.

L.D. Van Tartwijk

Writer & Researcher

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